19 Mai 2020

Pretty Things: Rosalyn 

Jon Langford: Quarrantine Rock 

Buddy and Julie Miller: Bleach song 

Chingon: Alacran y pistolero (Mexican spaghetti western) 

Paul Burch: Marisol (Light sensitive)

Stripmail Ballads: Slinger (Distant)  

Ward Richmond: Smile (Highly meditated) 

American Aquarium: Starts with (Lamentations) 

Danny Barnes: Juke  (Man on fire) 

Lowest Pair:  Morning light (The perfect plan)  

Rhinnan Giddens: Just the two of us 

Siobhan Miller: May morning dew ( All is not forgotten)  

Lau: Riad (Midnight and closedown) 

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