27. Juli 2021

Nefesh Mountain: Wunderlust (Songs for the sparrows)

Dana Sipos: Light around the body (The astral plane)

JP Harris: Otto Wood (Don’t you marry no railroad man)

Shocking Blue: Never marry a railroad man

Nefesh Mountain: Piece of the sun (The astral plane)

Lucky Ones: Fool‘s gold (Lucky Ones)

I see hawks in LA:  Mississippi Gas Sation Blues (On our way)

I see hawks in LA:  Geronimo (On our way)

Waco Brothers: Geronimo (To the last dead cowboy)

Karen Black: That‘s me (Dreaming of you)

Katherine Priddy: Ring O Roses (The eternal rocks beneath)

Mekons: Ring O Roses (Rock and roll)

Sanford Clark: Still as the night (Modern Romance)

Rockin Berries: Poor man‘s son (Bowl of berries)

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