18 August 2015



Destroyer: Times Square (Poison Street)
Road: Going down to the country (Road)
Grahams: Griggstown (Glory bound)
Run Boy Run: Spin a golden thread (Something to someone)
Lindi Ortega: I ain’t the girl (Faded Gloryville)
Episode Six: Morning Dew (Love hate revenge)
Bonnie Prince Billy: I’m tired of singing my song in Las Vegas (Tip the glass and feel the bottom)
Ola Belle Reed: The ranger’s command (Southern mountain music)
Fotheringay: Lowlands of Holland (Nothing more)
Jackson C Frank: Blues run the game (st)
Wilco: Random name generator (Star wars)
Tex Perkins: Her own life (Far be it from me)

Destroyer: Song for America (Kaputt)

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