03 September 2013



Bob Dylan: I want you (Blonde on Blonde)

Special: Delia

Bob Dylan: Delia (World’s gone wrong)
Cordelia’s Dad: Delia (How can I sleep)
David Johansen: Delia (& the Harry Smiths)
Elisabeth Cotten: Delia (Shake Sugaree) instrumental
Overlanders: Delia’s gone (PYE Anthology)
Johnny CASH: Delia’s done (The sound of Johnny Cash / American recordings)
Blind Willie McTell: Statesboro Blues (The early years)

Bobby Charles: Tennesssee Blues (Bobby Charles)
Shannon McNally: Can’t pin a color (Small town talk)
Tennessee Earnie Ford: 16 tons
Patsy Montana: 16 pounds
Bob Dylan: Railroad Bill / Belle Isles (Another self Portrait)

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