28 Feb 2007

Elf Power: Come lie down with me (Back to the web)
Elf Power: Under the northern sky (Back to the web)
Patty Griffin: Making Pies (1000 kisses)
Patty Griffin: Useless desires (Impossible dreams)
Patty Griffin: Getting ready (Children running through)
Patty Griffin: Railroad wings (Children running through)
Tom Verlaine: The Earth Is In The Sky (Song and other things)
Kristin Hersh: Sundrops (Hips and makers)
Kasey Chambers: I got you now (Carnival)
Lucinda Williams: Are you alright (West)
Eleni Mandell: Girls (Miracle of five)
Husky Rescue: Nightless night (Ghost is not real)
Am Ende mal wieder der komplette Outro-Song.
Nicht geschafft haben es:
Apples in Stereo, A Hack and a Hacksaw, Kelly Shay Hicks,Clap your hands (next time)
Elliott Murphy, Bradley Walker, Norah Jones (uninteressant)
Da ist ein schöner Live-Mitschnitt von Elf Power auf Dime.
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