16. April 2024

Jim White: If Jesus drove a motorhome (Drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see)

Pretty Things: London town (EP)

Bart Moore: Comanche land (Wild Flora)

Ruth Moody: Twilight (Wanderer)

Wailin Jennys: Wildflowers (Fifteen)

Leyla McCalla: Give yourself a break (Sun without the heat)

Leyla McCalla: Take me away (Sun without the heat)

Small Town Jones: The mist and the light (Kintsugi)

RANT: NewYork Jig (Spin)

Buffal Skinners: Sonny song (Picking up what you‘re putting down)

Scott H. Biram: Dig a hole/Big liar (The one and only Scott H. biram)

Aife O‘Donovan: The lonesome death if Hattie Carroll (All my friends)

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