05. März 2024

Hurray for the Riff Raff: Hawkmoon (The past is still alive) Corb Lund: Insh‘Allah (El Viejo)  Phoebe Rees: Take back the night (BRING IN THE LIGHT)  Heather Little: Bones (By now)  Giulia Millanta: I dance my way (Only Luna knows) Larry Murray: When I see Jamie (Sweet country suite)  High Hawks: Somewhere south (Mother nature‘s […]

20. Februar 2024

Willi Carlisle: Dry country dust (Critterland)  Sarah Jarosz: Runaway Train (Polaroid lovers)lle William Elliott Whitmore: Bunker built for two (Silently, the mind breaks) Niall McCabe: November Swell (Rituals)  John Leventhal:That‘s all I know about Arkansas (Rumble strip)  Project Smok: Folex (The outset) Colby T. Helms: Mountain Brandy (Tales of Misfortune) Holler Choir: Ain‘t too soon […]

06. Februar 2024

SPECIAL: WILDDIEBSTAHL / POACHING Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: The Poacher (Skin and bone) Watersons: The Poacher‘s Fate (A Yorkshire Garland) Albion Country Band: Gallant Poacher (Battle of the field) Robin Williamson: Poachers Song Critics Group: Keepers and poachers (Waterloo, Peterloo) Fairport Convention: Eynsham poacher (Bonny bunch of roses)  Young Tradition: Henry the poacher Ronnie […]