25 Juli 2001

Special: Desert Rock Calexico: El Picador Giant Sand: Dusted Neil Young: Albuquerque Hazeldine: When you sleep Rainer: Curious and curiouser Friends of Dean Martinez: Main theme Mark Olson: Meeting in Long Pine Branded Geckos: Going home Rich Hopkins: Instrumental #1 Branded Geckos: Shangri La Fink: Immerhinda Campfire: She likes To Mambo

11 Juli 2001

Honeydogs: Those Things are here Gear Daddies: Dream Vacation Jayhawks: Fallen star Dan Brodie: Lover lover lover Backsliders: Hey Sherrif Jeff Talmadge: Angels on the lawn Jeff Talmadge: Haley Lucinda Williams: Reason To Cry Robert Mitchum: From a logical point of view Bonnie Prince Billy: Holly Home Bonnie Prince Billy: After I made love to […]