29 April 2014

Playlist: Jaki Whitren: Give her the day (Raw but tender) Jaki Whitren: As that evening sun goes down Black Prairie: The white tundra (Fortune) Martha Singleton: Living in a danger zone (Pledging my love) Ray Lamontagne: No other way (Supernova) Kathryn Roberts: Barbara Allen (Intuition) Ultan Conlon: A Place of Sanctuary (Songs Of Love So […]

15 April 2014

Playlist: Nirvana: Jesus doesn’t want meĀ  (Unplugged) Carlene Carter: blackie’s Gunman (Carter girl) D Charles Speer & The Helix: Bootlegging blues ( Double exposir) Ernie Graham: Sebastian (st) Friggs: Wild love ( Today’s tomorrow’s yesterday) Tex Ritter: Rye whiskey (High noon) Reverend Gary Davis: Horse thief’s blues (The sun of our life) Holly Golightly: No […]

01 April 2014

Playlist: Dex Romweber Duo: Long battle coming (Images) Holly Golightly: Trouble in mind (All her fault) Eliza Gilkyson: Touchstone (The norcturne diaries) Red Horse: I am a child (Red Horse) Micah P. Hinson: On the way home (to Abilene) (Micah P.Hinson and the Nothing) Micah P. Hinson: The same old shit James Curley: Mutineer (There […]