26 Aug 2008

Playlist: Elliott Brood: Chuckwagon (Mountain Meadows) Blue Mountain: Bloody 98 (Omnibus) Blue Mountain: Butterfly (Midnight in MIssissippi) Conor Oberst: I don’t want to die in a hospital (Conor Oberst) Lynne Hanson: Dance in the evermore (Eleven Months) Campesinos: Death to Los Campesinos Rosaline: Evil (A wall behind it) Everest: Angry Storm (Ghost notes) Fleet Foxes: […]

12 August 2008

Playlist: Dutchess and the Duke: Strangers (She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke ) Human Highway: All day (Moody motorcycle) Abigail Washburn: Rockabye Dixie (Songs of the travelling daughter Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet: Strange things Ry Cooder: Filipino dance hall girl (I, Flathead) James Jackson Toth: Becoming Faust (Waiting in vain) Chumbawamba: Waiting for […]