23 jan 2002

Robbie Fulks Liverpool Scene: Burdock River Run Robbie Fulks: The Buck Starts Here RF: She Took A Lot Of Pills And Died RF: She Must Think I Like Poetry RF: God Isn’t Real RF: Dancing On The Ashes RF: Real Money RF: Wedding Of The Bugs RF: Fuck This Town Brenda Freed: My Human Loves […]

09 Jan 2002

Bloodshot 2001 Asylum Street Spankers: Winning the war on drugs Wayne Hancock: Old man winter’s gonna rock n roll tonight Kelly Hogan: Speedfreak lullaby Neko Case: Alone and forsaken Sadies: The last of the good Yayhoos: What are we waiting for Sons of the Pioneers: Bound for the Rio Grande Alejandro Escovedo: Castanets Split Lip […]