29 November 2022

Lula Wiles: One more night (st)Lula Wiles: Morphine (What will we do)Lula Wiles: Good old American Values (What will we do)Eleanor Buckland: Static (You don‘t have to know)Mali Obomsawin: Wawasint8da (Sweet Tooth)Alanis Obomsawin: Bush Lady pt. 2 (Bush Lady)Alanis Obomsawin: Nziealdam Bush Lady)Isa Burke & Aoife O’Donovan:Lula Wiles: Oh my god (Shame and sedition) Eliza […]

15. November 2022

Plainsong: Raider (Following Amelia) Old Californio:  Lotta Love (Old Californio Country)  Honey Harper: Lake song (& the infinitive sky)  Charles O‘Hagerty: Suez War Song (The more I travel) Charles O‘Hagerty: Marika‘ s Lullaby (The more I travel) Williams Brothers: Death of a clown (Memories to burn) Williams Brothers:Tears only run oneway  (Memories to burn)   JSD Band: Cousin […]