09 April 2019

Playlist Roots Archäologen Pt. I: Geeshie Wiley Rhiannon Giddens: Last kind words (Tomorrow is my turn) Dex Romweber Duo (feat. Jack White): Last kind words (The wind did move) David Johansen: Last kind words (Jim White Presents Music From Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus) Mekons: Geeshie (Ancient and modern) Danny Kalb & Stefan Grossman: Eagles […]

26 März 2019

Playlist Della Mae: Sixteen tons (The Butcher Shoppe EP) Kaz Murphy: Stella Rae (Ride out the storm) Mother Sturctman’s Jam and Jelies: For your love ( I wanna come back from the world of lsd) Dick Dale: Misirlou (Best of) Andre Williams: Hall Of Fame (I wanna go back to Detroit City) Alex Chilton: Little […]

12 März 2019

Playlist Special Koreakrieg Hank Harral: When they raised the UN flag in South Korea Vance Brothers: Draft board blues Paul Mims: My new carrer is in Korea Delmore Brothers: Heartbreak Ridge boy Jim Eanes: Prisoner of war Jackie Doll: wWhen they drop the atomic bomb Robert Wyatt: Stalin wasn’t stallin Ray Anderson: Stalin kicked the […]