20 März 2012

Playlist: Dirt Drifters: I’ll shut up now (This Is My Blood) Wrinkle Neck Mules: Leaving Chattanooga (Apprentice to Ghosts) Todd Snider: The very last time (Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables) Leeroy Stagger: Capitalism must die! (Radiant Land) Bap Kennedy: The right stuff (The Sailor’s Revenge) Chieftains: Hard times (Voice of ages) Woody Guthrie: Little Darling […]

06 März 2012

Playlist: Chuck Prophet: Castro Halloween (temple beautiful) Leeroy Stagger: Maria (radiant land) Lyle Lovett: Brown eyed handsome man (Release me) Jim White: Here we go (Where it hits you) John Kirkpatrick: Dring Boys drink (God speed the plough) Otis Taylor: Lay on my delta bed (Contraband) Jay Farrar etc.: Old LA (New multitudes) Punch Brothers: […]