18 Juni 2019

Playlist Tom T. Hall: Last country song Alan Jackson: Where I come from Buford Pope: Hard life (The waiting game) Mary Ann Kennedy: Margadh an t-Salainn (Glaschu, hometown love song) Neil Young: Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Dr. John: Gris-gris Gumba ya ya (Gris gris) Ethiopians: Cherry Pee (Owner fe de yard) Jeremy Spencer: Moonshine slide (Coventry blue) […]

04 Juni 2019

PLAYLIST Special PETER STAMPFEL Holymodal Rounders: Bird song (The moray eels eat the hmr) Holy Modal Rounders: Random Canyon (I make a wish for a potato)  Bongwater: Kisses sweeter than wine (The power of pussy)  Peter Stampfel: NSA man (Better than expected) Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis: Bottlecaps are cool (Come on board)  Dave van […]