18 Juni 2019

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Tom T. Hall: Last country song
Alan Jackson: Where I come from
Buford Pope: Hard life (The waiting game)
Mary Ann Kennedy: Margadh an t-Salainn (Glaschu, hometown love song)
Neil Young: Alabama (Tuscaloosa)
Dr. John: Gris-gris Gumba ya ya (Gris gris)
Ethiopians: Cherry Pee (Owner fe de yard)
Jeremy Spencer: Moonshine slide (Coventry blue)
Fleetwood Mac: Man of the world (Vaudeville Years)
Jeremy Spencer: (Latina nights)
Sabelo Mathe: Hambanini (Bulawayo blue yodel – sounds of zimbabwe, kenya & south africa 1948 to 1959)
Mariee Sioux: Snow knows white (Grief in exile)
Dar International Jazz Band: Kenyatta wa Kenya (Burua yako)
Neu!: Isi (Neu! ’75)

04 Juni 2019

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Holymodal Rounders: Bird song (The moray eels eat the hmr)

Holy Modal Rounders: Random Canyon (I make a wish for a potato) 

Bongwater: Kisses sweeter than wine (The power of pussy) 

Peter Stampfel: NSA man (Better than expected)

Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis: Bottlecaps are cool (Come on board) 

Dave van Ronk: Romping through the swamp (Dave van Ronk and the Hudson Dusters)

Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps: Screaming Industrial Breakdown (st)

Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps: Mindless boogie (The peoples republic of rock and roll) 

Yo la tengo: Griselda (Fakebook)

Du-Tels: Zoe’s song (No musical knowledge required)

Charlie Patton: Mississippi Boll Weevil Blues

Peter Stampfel & The Atomic Meta Pagans: Blue moon (Cambrian explosion)

HMR: Across the alley from the Alamo (Alleged in their own time)

Peter Stampfel and Baby Gramps: Surfing bird (Outertainment)

Peter Stampfel and the Atomic Meta Pagans: Mr. Love (The Ordovician Era!)

Holy Modal Rounders: Mr. Spaceman