25 August 2020

Neil Young: Looking for a leader Gillian Welch: Shotgun song (Lost songs, Vol 1, Boots No.2) Kris Delmhorst: Hanging garden (Long day in the milky way) Rapidgrass: Bow Valley Breakdown (Take him river) Daphne‘s Flight: Rogue rider (on arrival) Dave Simonett: Pisces, queen of heart (Red taul) Glenn Thomas: Oriole (Reassure me there‘s a window) […]

11 August 2020

Margo Price: Prisoner of the highway (That‘s how rumours get started) Jayhawks: Down to the farm (XOXO) Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings: Ginseng Sullivan (All the good times) norman # Richard Thompson: The fortress (Bloody noses) G.F. Patrick: Butterfly Effect (One town over) Paddy Dennehy: Abednego (Little light) Josh Kimbrough_ Booker Creek Ripple (Slither, Soar […]