20 August 2014

Playlist: Billy Joe Shaver: Hard to be an outlaw (Long in the tooth) Billy Joe Shaver: American me Martin & Eliza Carthy: The queen of hearts (Moral of the elephant) Bobby Womack: California Dreaming Judy Henske: High flyin bird Ritchie Havens: High flying bird Jan & Dean: Where were you when I needed you (Folk […]

06 August 2014

Playlist: Carrie Clark & the lonesome lovers: What have we done (Betwen the bedsheets & turpentine) David Serby: You’re bored (and the latest scam) Doug Ingoldsby: Brothers (I’ve got a picture) Peter Rowan: Illusion’s fool (Dharma blues) Sean Watkins: Meredith (All I do is lie) n Sean Watkins: Wave as we run Nickel Creek: 21st […]