29 Januar 2019

Playlist Special: Not really dead Outside Track: The wife of Usher’s Well Bellowhead: The wife of Usher’s Well Bomb Party: Zombie head (Drugs) sarah corina Los Sleepers: Zombie Upperclassmen: Cha cha with the zombies (Halloween classics) Ray Davies: March of the zombies (Our countey: Americana act.2) Tim O’Brien: Fair Margaret and Sweet William (Songs from […]

15 Januar 2019

Playlist Larkin Poe: Sometime (Venom and faith) Tav Falco: Old fashioned morphine (Cabaret of daggers) Cedric Burnside: Don’t leave me girl (Benton County relic) Missy Raines: Swept away (Royal traveller) Charley Crockett: Help me Georgia (Lonesome as a a shadow) Beƶselmaschine: House carpenter (It was 50 years ago) Bob Dylan: House Carpenter (Bootleg Series Vol. […]

01 Januar 2019

Playlist Special: New Year Heartbeats: Did you have a ball on newyear’s eve (Golden memories christmas) Qualities: Happy new year (Papa was no Santa Claus, Mama ain’t no christmas tree) Waterson/Carthy: Residue (Holly heathens and the old grey man) Johnny Burnette: new year’s greetings Beach Boys: Auld lang syne (Christmas hits) Putipu Band of Capri: […]

18 Dezember 2018

Playlist Stellas: Leaving is not the only way to say goodbye (King of the road) The Trials Of Cato: My love’s in Germany (Hide and hair) Kendel Carson: Paint me a cowboy (The lost tapes pf Suzanna Hamilton) Kendel Carson: I like trucks (Rearview mirror tears) Brother Brothers: Colorado (Some people I know) Buzzcocks: Boredom […]