18 Aug 2004

Dave McCann: Timber Road (Country medicine) Sacred Harp Singers: I’m going home (Cold mountain) Tim Eriksen: Am I born to die (Cold mountain) Robert Belfour: My baby’s gone (Big bad love) Kenny Brown: Boxcar blues (Big bad love) Split Lip Rayfield: Promise not to tell (Should have seen it coming) Split Lip Rayfield: Union man […]

04 Aug 2004

Rolling Stones. Salt of the earth (Beggar’s Banquet) Bob Dylan: Man in me (Big Lebowski) Townes van Zandt: Dead flowers (Big Lebowski) T-Bone Burnett: The murder weapon (Proof through the night) Jack White: Wayfaring stranger (Cold mountain) Allison Krauss: You will be my ain true love (Cold mountain) Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon: Atomic power […]