23 juni 2004

Loretta Lynn: Coal miner’s daughter Loretta Lynn: Van Lear Rose (Van Lear Rose) Loretta Lynn: Portland Oregon Jim Lauderdale: Sandy Ford (Headed for the hills) Grateful Dead: Dire wolf Jim White: Borrowed wings (Drill a whole) Keith Blocker: She’s hangin it up Creekdippers: End of the highway (Political manifest) Slaid Cleaves: Sinners prayer Stands: Here […]

09 Juni 2004

Tarbox Ramblers: Already gone Ad Vanderveen: Lottery of love Markus Rill: Hobo Dream Resentments: Rich man’s war Creekdippers: Portrait of a sick America Barb Waters: Further down the line Beasts of Bourbon: the day Marty Robbins died Marty Robbins: ballad of the Alamo Jim White: Combing my hair in a brand new style Lisa O’Kane: […]