21 Februar 2023

Irene Kelley: Six feet down (Snow white memories)Joe Henry: Karen Dalton (All the eye can see) Karen Dalton: Same old man (In my own time) One Adam One: Living between the linesNadine: Ready to go (Downtown, Saturday)Tapestri: Save your love (Tell me world)  Chris Coole: I may not be much but I‘m all that I think about (The […]

07 Februar 2023

Tom Ovans: Jesus wears a sixgun (The cure)Bombadils: Records and Rent   (Dear friend) Charlie Sutton: Heroine of the Plains (Phantom Drifter) Maglory Dengluch: Curragh of Kildare (st) Angela Perley: Star Dreamer (Turn me loose) Steve Dawson: Small Town talk  (Eyes closed, dreaming)Bobby Charles: Full moon on the bayou Steve Dawson: House carpenter Bob Dylan: House Carpenter (Bootleg Series 1-3)Dylan: Bootleg Series Vol.17: FragmentsBob […]