21 Dez 2005

Decemberists: The Infanta (Picaresque) Freakwater: Cathy Ann (Thinking of you) Moussu T: Paul, Emile & Henri (Mademoiselle Marseille) Waco Brothers: Missing link (Freedom and weep) BRMC: Restless sinner (Howl) Heavy Trash: Dark Hair’d rider (Heavy Trash) Lucero: California ( Nobody’s darling) Lizz Wright: Old man Marah: Walt Whitman Bridge ( If you didn’t laugh you’d […]

07 Dez 2005

James McMurtry: Old part of town (Childish things) Resentments: Gwendolyn (Switcheroo) Clap your hands say yeah: Upon this tidal wave of young blood (CYHSY) Heavy Trash: Gatorade (Heavy Thrash) Norman Blake: Cattle in the cane (Back home in Sulphur Springs) Eric Andersen: Violets of dawn (Bout changes and things) Captain Beefheart: Yellow brick road (Safe […]