08 Oktober 2019

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Owen Moore: Killing the blues (Songs from a swagman’s suitcase)
Geoff & Maria Muldaur: Brazil (Pottery Pie) 
Yusuf Lateef: Brazil (At Cranbrok and elsewhere) 
Ed Dupas: It all sounds leaving (The lonesome side of town)
Annie & Rod Capps: Patience (When they fall) 
Drew Holcomb: Dragons (Dragons) 

with a little Daniel Johnston tribute:
Wilco: True love will find you in the end (Alpha mike foxtrott)
Daniel Johnston: Devil town (1990)
Ben Caplan: Devil town (Birds with broken wings)
Daniel Johnston: Hot dog burning tonight (Tapes)
Daniel Johnston: True love will find you in the end (Beam me up!) 

Magic Carpet: Peace Song (Magic carpet)
Pieta Brown: Ever a time  (Freeway)
Bobby McLeod: Wayward dreams (Buried country)
Rebirth Brass Band: Big Chief (Feel like funkin it up)

24 September 2019

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Mamas and Papas: 12:30
Fugs: Carpe diem (Second album)
Grateful Dead: Viola Lee Blues
Charles Manson: Cease to exist
Beach Boys: Never learn not to love
Dennis Wilson: Mexico (Pacific Ocean View)
Neil Young: Revolution Blues (On the beach)
Beatles: Healter skelter
Sonic Youth& Lydia Lunch: Death Valley 69
Charles Manson: Home is where you’re happy
Guns n Roses: Look at your game, girl (Spaghetti incident )
Orkustra: Dancing in the park (Adventures in Experimental Electric Orchestra From The San Francisco Psychedelic Underground)
Waco Brothers: Revolution Blues

Some information about Manson on my website

10 September 2019

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Rod Picott: Mama’s boy (Tell the truth and shame the devil) 
Silver Lake 66: Ragged heart  (Ragged heart) 
Mean Mary: Quoth the mockingbird (Cold)
Lines (The lines we draw together)
Black Tar Roses: Midnight rambler  (Rebels, rogues and outlaws)
Byrne, Coyne and Doyle:  St. Helena (Liag)
Eileen Jewell: Beat the drum (Gypsy)
Isabelle Stillman: Nashville (Middle sister)
Karine Polwart: Swin until you can’s see land (Scottish songbook)
Kris Drever: Going to the north (If wishes were horses)
Mapache: Last thing on my mind (Lonesome L.A. Cowboy)
Those Darlins: Then he kissed me
Chuck Jackson & Mark Knopfler: You better move on (Adios amigo)
Fleetwood Mac: Although the sun is shining (Vaudeville sessions)