30 Dez 2008

Playlist: Waco Brothers: Folsom Prison Blues Firewater: This town (Songs we should have written) Lee Hazlewood: This town (MGM Recordings) Stanley Brinks: Poppy seed (Bit) Doc Marshalls: Dakota (Honest for once) Rod Picott & Amanda Shires: Little darlin ( Sew Your Heart With Wires) Allen Ginsberg: CIA Dope Calypso (First Blues) Allen Ginsberg: Stay away […]

16 Dez 2008

Playlist: Firewater: The beat goes on (Songs we should have written) Delmer Spudd: 16 chicks (It’s saturday night) Lisa Mitchell: A Little Ramblin’ Blues For Any Hour (Welcome to the afternoon) Seasick Steve: I started out with nothing (I Started Out with Nothin’ and I Still Got Most of It Left ) XMAS-Medley: Singing Dogs: […]

02 Dez 2008

Playlist: Ryan Adams:Magick (Cardinology) Lucinda Williams: For what it’s worth Grayson Capps: Big black buzzard (Rott and roll) Larry Jon Wilson: Me with you now (Larry Jon Wilson) John Hartford: Nobody eats at Linebaugh’s anymore (Morning Bugle) Chymes Of Freedom: Strange dreams knocking on my door (Waiting for the mystery train) Hang Jones: Caroline (The […]