02. April 2024

Marry Waterson & Adrian Crowley: Undear Sphere (Cuckoo Storm)
Charlie Parr: Boombox (Little Sun)
Hedge & Donna: I want you to want me (aka Love)
The Northern Belle: Merchant navy Hotel (Bats in the attic)
Josh Fortenbery: Nepotism (No such thing as forever)
Dion: American hero (Girl friends)
Dion: Ruby Baby (The road I‘m on)
Jon Langford: For the queen of hearts (Where it really starts)
Serious Sam Barrett: Last of the Yorkshire outlaws (A drop of the morning dew)
Amigo the Devil: I hope your husband dies (Everything is fine)
Amigo the Devil: Dahmer does Hollywood (1st)
Terry Allen: Redbird (Cowboy and the stranger)
Dick Gaughan: Let it be me (Redwood Cathedral)
Gilbert Becaud: Je t‘appartiens (Paroles)

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