06 September 2022

B.J. Cole: You‘re probably lost (New hovering dog)B.J. Cole: 2:57 (1982 + Bj Cole)Cochise: Watch this spaceCochise: Down country girls (Swallow tales)Cochise: Dance, dance, dance (So far)Elton John: Tiny DancerHumble Pie: Only a roach (st)Robert Plant: If it‘s really got to be this way (Sixty Six to Timbuktu)Dave Edmunds: Dance dance dance (Rockpile)Hank Wangford: Whiskey […]

23 August 2022

Peter Mulvey: Pray for rain (Live is the only thing)Fantastic Cat: Amigo (The very best of …)Fantastic Cat: C‘mon Armageddon (The very best)Fritillaries: Together in flight (st) Pedal Steel PartLuke Schneider: Yosemite (VA – Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem vol. XI)Roger Kleier: Orion on the Horizon (Secular Steel)Steve Dawson: The waters rise (Phantom Threshold)Steve Dawson: […]

09. August 2022

Canny Band: Helen‘s song (st) Caamp: Lavender girl (Lavender days) Tim Heidecker: Punch in the gut (High school) Haroula Rose: Happenstance (Catch the light)     Tamsin Elliott: Uma‘s song (Frey) Jadea Kelly: Picking flowers (Roses) Giulia Millanta: Go South (Woman on the moon) Bella Hardy: Awake awake (Love songs) Joshua Hedley: Bury with my boots on […]