26 Dezember 2023

Special: Winter Dentists: Strawberriers are growing in my garden – and it‘s wintertime  Lady Maisery and Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith:Winter berries (Awake arise)  Vashti Bunyan: Winter is blue (unreleased acetate) Episode Six: A hazy shade of winter (Radio One Club Sessions) Ian Campbell Folk Group: Snow is falling (Complete transatlantic recordings)  John Fahey: In […]

12 Dezember 2023

Jim Ghedi: What will become of Old England (Mojo Presents; Ramblers & Gamblers (15 Key Voices for 2023) John Francis Flynn: Dirty old town Lankum: Sergeant William Bailey (Between earth and sky)  Eliza Carthy & Jon Boden: Remember oh thou man (Glad Christmas come)  Pawn Shop Saints: Generation lockdown (Weeds)  Pawn Shop Saints: Love dry […]