27 Dezember 2022

Walking my Cat named dog:Norma Tanega (Walking my cat named dog)Les Surf: Mon Chat Qui S’appelle MédorBarry McGuire (The world‘s last private citizen)Art BlakeyDida Pelled (Ryley Walker presents Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 9) Norma Tanego: You‘re dead (Walking my cat named dog)Norma Tanega: Clapham Junction (I don’t think it will hurt when you smile)Dusty Springfield: Come […]

13 Dezember 2022

Deep in the woods:Christine Harwood: Crying to be heardDeviants: BunMiller Anderson: Shadows cross my wall Ben Bedford: Leaping (Valley of stars)Great Willow: My Mystery (single)Lou Turner: Green and growing (Microcosmos)Hushman: Beltane (st)Grey DeLisle: All my tears (Borrowed)Mike Donald: Land of the Old and Grey (Before the day is done – The story of Folk Heritage […]