20 Oktober 209

Playlist: Alan Lomax Special Mountain Ramblers: Liza Jane (American Folk Songs for Children) David was a Shepherd Boy – Caleb Garris Neil Morris : The Irish Solider and the English Lady (Southern Journey V. 7: Ozark Frontier – Ballads and Old-Timey Music from Arkansas) Neville Marcano: Money is king (The growling tiger) Growling Tiger, Lord […]

06 Oktober 2009

Playlist: Dayna Kurtz: Invocation (American standard) William Elliott Whitmore: Cold and dead (Hymns for the hopeless) William Elliott Whitmore: And then the rains came (song of the blackbird) William Elliott Whitmore: There is hope for you (Animals in the dark) Pine Hill Haints: Bordello Blackwidow (To win or lose) Pine Hill Haints: My Bones are […]