26 Dezember 2023

Special: Winter

Dentists: Strawberriers are growing in my garden – and it‘s wintertime 

Lady Maisery and Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith:Winter berries (Awake arise) 

Vashti Bunyan: Winter is blue (unreleased acetate)

Episode Six: A hazy shade of winter (Radio One Club Sessions)

Ian Campbell Folk Group: Snow is falling (Complete transatlantic recordings) 

John Fahey: In the bleak midwinter (Christmas guitar)

Texas Gladden: Dark scenes of winter (Alan Lomax Collection)

Johnny Flynn and Robert Mac Farlane: Year long winter

Liverpool Scene: Winter poem (Bread on the night)

Catherine Irwin: Dirty little snowman (Cut yourself a switch)

Connie Francis: Winter Wonderland

Bert Jansch: In the bleak midwinter (L.A. Turnaround)

Lyle Lovett: On a winter‘s morning (22th of June) 

Maddy Prior: Winter: Red & Green (Year) 

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