12 Dezember 2023

Jim Ghedi: What will become of Old England (Mojo Presents; Ramblers & Gamblers (15 Key Voices for 2023)

John Francis Flynn: Dirty old town

Lankum: Sergeant William Bailey (Between earth and sky) 

Eliza Carthy & Jon Boden: Remember oh thou man (Glad Christmas come) 

Pawn Shop Saints: Generation lockdown (Weeds) 

Pawn Shop Saints: Love dry (45 American Lies) 

Pawn Shop Saints: California (45 American Lies) 

Van Plating: Midwinter (single) 

Aoife Nessa Frances: Libra (Land of no junction) 

Large Plants: White horse (The Thorn) 

Yo La Tengo: Season of the shark (Prisoners of love)

Charlie Crockett: The valley (Live from the Ryman)

Jim Lauderdale: She‘s the light (The long and lonesome letting go)

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