28 November 2023

Ed Snodderly: Better just ride the mule (single)
Dean Owens: Staring at the lid (Pictures)
Johnny Dowd: Ice pick (Is heaven real?)
Mean Mary : I saw three ships (I‘d rather be merry)
Leyla Mccalla: Dodinin(Breaking the thermometer)
Lisa O‘Neil: Blackbird (Heard a long gone song)
Afton Wolfe: Mississippi (The harvest)
Catherine Irwin: Pale horse, pale rider (Little heater)
Billy Bragg: This guitar says sorry (Peel sessions)
Brighde Chaimbeul: Pililiù (The Call of the Redshank) (Carry them with us)
Dan Aguiar: Santianno (Sea songs)
Luther Dickinson: Beulah Land (Magic music for family folk)
Naima Bock: Campervan (Giant palm)

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