20 Juni 2007


Alpha Band: You angel you (Interviews, or.: The Alpha Band)
Shockabilly: Oh Yoko ( Earth vs. Shockabilly)
The Band of Blacky Ranchette: Loving cup ( Sage advice)
Love: Singing Cowboy (Four sail)
Jason Ringenberg: The last of the neon cowboys (A pocketful of soul)
Bucky Halker: Without saying goodbye (Wisconsin 2.13.1963 Vol. 1)
Joe Ely: She never spoke spanish to me (Joe Ely)
Kate & McGarrigle: Be my baby (Dancer with a bruised knee)
Neil Young: Human Highway (Comes a time)
Richard Thompson: Johnny’s far away (Sweet warrior)
Avett Brothers: Shame (Emotionalism)
Bhundu Boys: Wenhalo Haaneti (Shabini)
Band of Blacky Ranchette: Burning desire (Sage advice)
Thin White Rope: Astronomy (In the Spanish cave)

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