06 Juni 2007


Rachelle van Zanten: The cracks (Back to Francois)
Michael J. Sheehy: Crawling back to the church (Ghost on the motorway)
Andrew Bird: A nervous tic motion of the head top the left (Fingerling 3)
Andy Palacio: Baba (Watina)
David Munyon: Snowin on Raton (There’s a hole in heaven where some sin slips through)
Two Gallants: Seems like home to me (The scenery of farewell)
Feist: 1-2-3-4 (The reminder)
Mary Weiss: Don’t come back (Dangerous game)
Shangri Las: Remember – walking in the sand
Bucky Halker: Squirrel in a cage (Wisconsin 2.13.63 Vol.1)
King Missile: Sensitive artist (Mystical Shit)
Mekons: Hole in the ground (Honky Tonkin)
Freakwater: Kentucky/ Rank Strangers (June 6, 1994)

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