04 Juli 2007


Captain Beefheart: Harp Boogie II (Radio 1972) (Grow Fins)
Mallard: Desperados waiting for a train (Mallard)
Howe Gelb: Explore you (Hisser)
Buena Vista Social Club: Campina
Green On Red: Little things in life (BBC Sessions) 1991
Danny & Dusty: Hold your mud (Cast iron soul)
Thin White Rope: Red sun (In the Spanish cave) 1988
TWR: The real west (Exploring the axis (1985)
TWR: Tina and Glen (The ruby sea) 1991
TWR: Sack full of silver (Sack full of silver)
Dan Janisch: Sweet and simple (Medicine Man)
Avett Brothers: Hand-me-down tune (Emotionalism
Avett Brothers: Paranoia in B flat major
Thin White Rope: You doo right (The one that got away)

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