02 April 2013



Special: Tompins Square
Daniel Bachman: With Signs Following (Seven Pines)
Gospel Keys: I Never Heard a Man(This May Be My Last Time Singing : Raw African-American Gospel on 45RPM 1957-1982)
Lucinda Wiliams: That time of night¬† (Oh Michael, Look What You’ve Done : Friends Play Michael Chapman)
Bridget St. John: Rabbit Hills
Michael Chapman:Rabbit Hills (Fuly Qualified Survivor)
Amede Ardoin: Blues de Basile¬† (Mama, I’ll Be Long Gone: The Complete Recordings of Amede Ardoin 1929-1934)
Bridget St. John: Pebble and the man (Songs for the gentle man)
Bill Wilson: Ever changing Minstrel (Ever Changing Minstrel)
Mark Fosson: Frozen fingers (Digging in the Dust : Home Recordings 1976)
Happy Hayseeds: Ladies Quadrille (Aimer et Perdre : To Love & To Lose Songs, 1917-1934)
William Tyler: A portrait of Sarah (Impossible Truth)
James Blackshaw: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death)

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