19 Maerz 2013



Robert Knox & Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Warrior in chains (Stranger in my land)
Robert Knox & Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Arafura pearl (Stranger in my land)
Zachary Richards: File gumbo (25 years of rounder Music)
Dr. John: Pots on fiyo (File gumbo) (The sund, moon and herbs)
Dave Bartholomew: Shrimp and gumbo ((Jukebox Mambo)
Collins Oke Elaiho & His Odoligie Nobles Dance Band: Simini-Yaya (Nigeria Special: Modern highlife, afro-sounds & nigerian blues)
Olu Dara: Okra (In the world)
Gurf Morlix: Gasoline (Finds the present tense)
Matt Woosey Band: Jealous man (On the waggon)
John Kirkpatrick: John baleycorne (Every mortal place)
The Anvil: John Barleycorn must live (John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth)

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