22 Januar 2013



Dirtmusic: Desertwind (BKO-Bamako)
Willy Tea Taylor: John Hartford Song (Born and raised)
Sam Cooper: Siren (Long lost love)
Dropkick Murphys: Jimmy Collins’ Wake (Signed and sealed in blood)
Earth Opera: The red sox are winning
Cairo Gang: Everybody knows (The corner man)
Cairo Gang: Now you are one of us (The corner man)
Janis Martin: Long white Cadillac (The Blanco sessions)
Caesey james Prestwood: Cowboy Peaton Place
Slumgum and Hugh Ragin: Zoyoki Gnoki (The sky his own)
Clarence Wheelerand the Enforcers: Sham time (Doin’ what we wanna)
Teofilovi?i & Miroslav Tadi?: Gugutka

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