08 Januar 2013



Frank Turner: I still believe (Last minutes and lost evenings)
Frank Turner & Billy Bragg: The times they are a changin (Live from Wembley-DVD)
Felice Brothers: Cumberland Gap (Amigo)
Revelers: Cry for you (st)
Imidiwen: J’entends la guerre (Image de Kidal)
Rachel Brooke: Late night lover (A killer’s dream)
Rachel Brooke: Gather and hear (Down in the barnyard)
Cahalen Morrison & Eli West: Loretta (Tall lady of the tall trees)
Cahalen Morrison & Eli West: Tall lady of the tall trees (Tall lady of the tall trees)
Jake Bugg: Seen it all (Jake Bugg)
Thea Hopkins: Lilac sky)
Sommer, Yannatou, Floridis, Voulgaris, Kastanis: Lullaby (Songs for Kommeno)
Michael Chapman: Pachyderm (Pachyderm)

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