13. Juli 2021

John Townley Special

John Townley: The old sailor (Old sailor)
John Townley: To Anacreon in heaven (The top hits of 1776)
Magicians: An invitation to cry (An invitation to cry – The best of the Magicians)
Ocean: That‘s the way it is (st) Family Of Apostolic: Dholak Gheet / The lone pilgrimm / Did you like the party (st)
Lollypoppe Shoppe: Don‘t look back (Just Colors)

Shannon McNally: Help me make it hrough the night (Waylon sessions)
Amythyst Kiah: Firewater (Wary + Strange)
Zach Schmidt: You‘re still on my mind (Raise a banner)
Zach Schmidt: Foregone conclusion
Jeb LoY Nichols: I just can‘t stop it (Jeb Loy)
Ryan Adams: Power (Big Colors). Suicide

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