29 Juni 2021

Mammals: California (Nonet)

Mike and Ruthy: Whimsical hysterical suburban (The Honeymoon agenda)

Malcolm Holcomb: Your kin (Tricks of the trade)

Churchill‘s: Pictures in my mind (Living loving)

Jericho Jones: No school today (Junkies, monkeys and donkeys)

Kings of Convenience: Catholic Country (Peace or love)

Phosphorescent: At Death, a proclamation (BBC Sessions)

Sleater Kinney: Path of wellness (Path of wellness)

Tenth Mountain Division: Highland morning (Butte la rose) 

Amythyst Kiah: Black myself (Wary + strange) 

Oliver Wood: Climbing high mountains (Always smilin‘)

Roland Roberts: Beautiful soul (All about the timing)

Malcolm Holcomb: Good intentions (Tricks of the trade)

Chris Thile: Salt (in the wounds) of the earth pt. One (Laysong) 

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