23 Mai 2007


Terry Lee Hale: Glitterati (Shotgun pillowcase)
Hobotalk: Doesn’t life go on ( Homesick for nowhere)
Chris & Carala: Nothin (Townes Compilation “There’s a hole in heaven where some sin slips through”)
Wilco: Blasting Fonda (Outtasite 4 CD Single)
Wilco: You Are My Face (Sky Blue Sky)
Wilco: Please Be Patient With Me
Olli Schulz: Wenn die Musik nicht so laut wär (Warten auf den Bumerang)
Missouri: Columbia ( This is not our scene-2001)
Andrew Bird: Dark Matter (Armchair Apocrypha)
Ben Weaver: Rose Marie (Blueslivinghollerin-2005)

Cracker: Where have those days gone (Greenland-200
Woven Hand: White bird (Blush music-2003)

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