15 April 2014



Nirvana: Jesus doesn’t want meĀ  (Unplugged)
Carlene Carter: blackie’s Gunman (Carter girl)
D Charles Speer & The Helix: Bootlegging blues ( Double exposir)
Ernie Graham: Sebastian (st)
Friggs: Wild love ( Today’s tomorrow’s yesterday)
Tex Ritter: Rye whiskey (High noon)
Reverend Gary Davis: Horse thief’s blues (The sun of our life)
Holly Golightly: No business (all her fault)
Johnny Rivers: Sunny (john Lee Hooker)
Michel Polnareff: Beatnik (Earl years)
Ronstadt Generations y Los Tusconenses: Ghost roders in the sky (Epilogue)
Ad Vanderveen: Lost in Lederhosen (Beat the record)
Bastard Mountain Pissong on bonfires (Farewell Bastard Mountain)
Bill Frisell: Please please me / Come together (Live download series #005:London, UK 11/15/05- Barbican)

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