29 April 2014



Jaki Whitren: Give her the day (Raw but tender)
Jaki Whitren: As that evening sun goes down
Black Prairie: The white tundra (Fortune)
Martha Singleton: Living in a danger zone (Pledging my love)
Ray Lamontagne: No other way (Supernova)
Kathryn Roberts: Barbara Allen (Intuition)
Ultan Conlon: A Place of Sanctuary (Songs Of Love So Crue)
Nickel Creek: Destination (A dotted line)
Elizabeth Cornish: Harder (Displaced)
Krista Polvere: Looking for love (Reservoir drive) w. Ryan Adams
Ghost of the saber tooth tiger: Johannesburgh (Midnight sun)
Pontchartrain Wrecks: The fool in me (The Pontchartrain Wrecks)
Tom Hickox: The pretty pride of Russia (War, Peace And Diplomacy)
Canailles: Marathon (Ronds-Points)

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