14 April 2015


Special Wayfaring Stranger pt.8: Dulcimer


Fairport Convention: Genesis Hall (Unhalbricking)
Joni Mitchell: California
Richard & Mimi Farina: Reflections in a crystal wind (Reflections ina crystal wind)
Rolling Stones: Lady Jane (Aftermath)
Rolling Stones: I am waiting (Aftermath)
Jean Ritchie: Sweet William and Lady ;Margaret
Alison Krauss: Molly Ban (A hunbdred miles)
Cactus brothers: Fisher’s hornpipe (st)
David Schnaufer: I’m so lonesome I could cry (youtube)
Jeff Buckley: Dream brother (Grace)
Steeleye Span: One night as I lay on my bed (Hark)
Pentangle: A maid that’s deep in love Cruel sister)

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