20 August 2013



Amber Digby: If it ain’t love  (The world you’re living in)
Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band: All the time in the world (Hey Hey It’s… )
Moondoggies: Start me over j(Adios I’m a Ghost)
Sarah Siskind: Knowing only what I know (Covered)
Ribeye Brothers:  Don’t pass me by (If I had a horse)
Wild Feathers: The ceiling (The Wild Feathers)
Greg Trooper: The land of forgiveness (Incident on Willow Street)
Martin Simpson: Molly as she swings & Stranger song (Vagrant Stanzas)
Dirtbombs: What you’ve got (Consistency Is the Enemy)
Eydie Gorme: Blame It on the Bossa Nova (Blame It on the Bossa Nova)
J. J. Cale: If you’re ever in Oklahoma (Really 1972)
Beck:  He’s a Mighty Good Leader (One foot in the grave)

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