21 April 2009

Country Rockers: Arkansas twist (Cypress room)
Howlin Tumbleweeds: hanging Verse (Trouble with the man downstairs)
Tom Freund: Concessions (Collapsible plans)
Mountain Goats & John Vanderslice: Scorpio rising (Moon colony Bloodbath)
Lau: Dear Prudence (Arc light)
Sleepy John Estes: President Kennedy stayed away too long (Memphis Swamp)
Mekons: Old Fox
Tim Easton: Burgundy red (Porcupine)
Jeffrey Foucault:daddy’s little pumpkin (Shoot the moon right between the eyes)
Eileen Jewell: rain roll in (Sea of tears)
Billy Bragg: Power in the union
Tim Easton: Stones throw away (Porcupine)
Neil Young: Get behind the wheel (Fork on the road)
Brigitte Demeyer: meant for mine (Red river flow)

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