02 März 2005

Reckless Kelly: A lot to ask (Wicked twisted road)
Kelly Pardekooper: 21st Century Trailer Park (Haymaker heart)
Trailer Trash: Hobo Moon (All Those Trailer Park Sweethearts)
Markus Rill: So I can take my rest (The Hobo Companion)
Trailer Trash: Dear Cab Driver
White Stripes: Jolene (single)
Woodys: Long time gone ((Telluride to Tennessee)
Holy Modal Rounders: Voodoo Queen Marie (Alleged in their own time)
American Music Club: Only love can set you free (Love songs for patriots)
Minus 5: Night Chicago died again (In Rock)
Joe Strummer: The unknown immortal (Walker)
Mr. Airplane Man: Travellin (C’mon DJ)
Magnolia Elecric Co: Big Beast (Trials and errors)

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