26 Okt 2005

Laura Cantrell: Do you ever think of me ( Not the trmebling kind)
Marah: Fatboy (If you didn’t laugh you’d cry)
Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (No direction home)
Marah: (If you didn’t laugh you’d cry)
Calexico/Iron and Wine: History of lovers (In the reins)
Freakwater: So strange( Thinking of you)
Waco Brothers: Nothing at all (Freedom and weep)
Guy Clark: Texas Cookin (Keepers)
Alison Brown: Look left (Look left)
Dan Penn: Zero willpower (Do right man)
Geraldine Fibbers: She’s a dog
Geraldine Fibbers: Marmalade (Lost somewhere between the earth and my home)
Carla Bozulich: I couldn’t believe it was true (Red headed stranger)
Geraldine Fibbers: Seven or in 10 (Butch)

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