05. März 2024

Hurray for the Riff Raff: Hawkmoon (The past is still alive)

Corb Lund: Insh‘Allah (El Viejo) 

Phoebe Rees: Take back the night (BRING IN THE LIGHT) 

Heather Little: Bones (By now) 

Giulia Millanta: I dance my way (Only Luna knows)

Larry Murray: When I see Jamie (Sweet country suite) 

High Hawks: Somewhere south (Mother nature‘s show) 

Katherine Priddy:  returning (The pendulum swing) 

Katherine Priddy: First house on the left (The pendulum swing)

Amigo The Devil: The Mechanic (Yours until the war is over) 

New Lost City Ramblers: Louisville Burglar 

Alan Hull: We can swing together (Singing A Song In The Morning Light The Legendary Demo Tapes 1967-1970)

Amelia White: Lost myself (Love I swore)

P.J. Proby: Linda Lu (Ep Collection) 

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